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Sound Healing Sessions AT Hands in Harmony

Sound Healing and Sound Therapy

with Mark Patterson

About Us

Mark Patterson Sound Healer


Mark Patterson was given the ability to heal others through Sound in a Near Death Experience

Mark Channels Pure Tones of Crystal Bowls and is often called a "Human Singing Bowl"  

Life Coach


Mark Combines Intuitive Counseling, Mediumship, Hypnosis, NLP, and Energy Work to enable you to be the Highest Verison of Your Self

Qi Gong


Mark is also a gifted Qi Gong Healer who uses Qi Gong to transmute energy or Chi from the unseen realms to the Physical Relms.  Mark teaches Qi Gong at Bliss Spiritual Co Op in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  


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Life Coach

Mark is gifted with intuitive abilities that can help you gain clarity into various aspects of your life.  The answers are always there when we are willing to ask the right questions.  Mark can help you ask the right questions.   Your BEST Life is Waiting.   Contact Mark today and become the BEST possible YOU


Qi Gong

Mark Patterson has practicied Qi Gong for over 20 years  I have learned from Dr. Effy Chow "Miracle Healing from China"  BK Frantizs "Energy Arts" and more recently,  Supreme Science Qi Gong Levels I II and III  Qi Gong means "Cultivating Life Force"  Qi Gong can help super charge your immune system and reverse aging .  


Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Mark Patterson has 25 years experience with Hypnosis and Past Life Regression.  Mark trained with Dick Sutphen in Sedona, AZ, in the early 90's  Past Life Regression can help you release current life blocks and self defeating behavioral patterns.  Mark can help you with self confidence, peak performance, sexual achievement, finding lost objects and releasing a painful relationship.  Nationally Accredited and Certified.     

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Sessions Available Exclusively at Charleston Therapeutic Massage

Mark Patterson Sound Healer and Life Path Coach

4 Carriage Ln, Charleston, South Carolina 29407, United States

843 619 5050