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Crossing Overing and Coming Back


In February of 1986 at a High School Party  at the Canterbury Inn in Coralville, Iowa, I downed  a fifth of Vodka, four beers, and 2 glasses of wine in about 90 minutes.  

I became unconscious and found myself outside of my body.  My grandfather Russel greeted me.  Then there was the light and the sound of angelic harps.  I went into the light and I was greeted by 7 Angels they were about 14 feet tall each and Female in appearance.  As I was being shown my life, any time that I was Angry, Resentful, or filled with Blame.  The Angels asked me ONE question.  "How does that relate to LOVE?"  Then they introduced me to an Angelic Being around 20-30 feet tall 

This being was Male in appearance and It spoke with me in great detail about sound and sacred geometry. This amazing being then merged into my lifeless body and brought me back to life.    I am a walk in.

I never spoke about my NDE.  I never told anyone about what had happened that night.  Then about 10 years after my experience I received a phone call at 1:30 in the morning from a woman who I never met, never spoke with before, nor do I know how she got a hold of my phone number.  

She went onto describe events from my NDE and my child hood with unreal detail.  She delivered the same message to me about healing through sound and geometry that the large Angelic being did 10 years prior.  

HEAVEN IS REAL  Everyone goes to Heaven NOT because of what one believes or even what one does.  Everyone goes to HEAVEN because that is where YOU  came from.