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Benefits from Sound Healing

For over 20 years now I have presented my unique gift of Vocal Toning.  Over and over again, 1000's of people have commented on how it has helped them alleviate pain and helped them sleep better at night.  

Brain States

Nuero Magic in Sedona, AZ, using a $40,000, computer program should that my vocal toning balances Beta, Theta, Alpha, and Delpha waves in the brain and places them in the right ratio.  Brain waves in the right and harmonic ratio have been show to help people sleep better at night and alleviate depression.  

New York Times

The New York Times Reported that Sound Therapy can reduce pain by 80% in as little as 10 minutes.  11/05

Gregg Braden

Best Selling Author, Gregg Braden has shown on a sonogram video Qi gong healers using sound and Qi Gong to dissolve a golf ball size tumor in 3 minutes real time.  

Messages from the Water

Dr.  Massura Emoto  has shown that sound clearly effects water in very surprising ways.  Our body in 70% water and our brain in 90% water.  

Edgar Cayce

Famous Psychic Edgar Cayce stated, "Pure Sounds will be the Healing Modality of the Future."